Project Management

We design and develop projects and initiatives addressed to different target groups and we assist you in every stage of your project.


We are experts in the development of quantitative and qualitative techniques, addressing social research from different perspectives.

Guiding and training

We detect training needs and design socio-professional training pathways, offering an innovative and specific training solutions set up by a group of experts working from an European approach.


We are specialists in the evaluation of project proposals and programmes in the field of training and employment.

This is what our clients say about us

“I know INVESLAN´s trajectory pretty well. They always adapt to our needs to formulate and manage innovative projects in the line of the needs of our sector. They count with highly qualified professionals and a long experience to face new challenges.”
Jaime Fernandez, Manager of FVEM (Metal working companies from the Basque Country Federation)
“ASEMFO has been working with INVESLAN since 2009. From our Association we highlight the professionalism and the personalized attention given by INVESLAN´s team. With them we widened the scope of our activities to the participation in EU projects and we are confident on keeping on working together for many years.”
Arancha López de Sancho, Manager of ASEMFO (Spanish Association of Forestry Enterprises)
“I would like to thank INVESLAN for all these years of cooperation and for their contribution to the success of the projects developed together.
Trust your project because it´s you, entrepreneurs, the ones who assume risks for the benefit of the society. Trusting ourselves is the first step to success.
Pilar Andrade Sanchez, President of CEAJE (Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations)
“INVESLAN´s cooperation in project management has always met our expectations.”
Susana Federío Aróstegui, Manager of the Building Labour Foundation from the Basque Country

Our services

  • Transform your ideas into a successful project.
  • Look for finance to develop your project proposal.
  • Coordinate the project activities.
  • Design and implement social research techniques.
  • Develop evaluation plans and methodologies.
  • Offer a highly specialized training.
  • Participate in the social and labour orientation projects developed by us.
  • Take advantage of our professional network.

Where can you find us?

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